Mizuno Samurai Fastpitch Catchers Gear:

Mizuno Samurai Fastpitch Catchers Gear is the company's most popular model. The set exists as certifiably acclaimed, gender engineered protective equipment. Each piece is available in numerous different color choices to match any uniform design.  

Samurai Fastpitch Helmet

Every catcher's helmet manufactured by Mizuno, baseball and softball, meets NOCSAE standards. And like all Mizuno catchers helmets, the Samurai model is made with triple layer EVA foam padding. Additionally, Mizuno's DryLite technology is incorporated in the cushioning. Every helmet offers the pinnacle in protection. This way, players remain cool and comfortable. Catchers must have a clear view of the field at all times. Mizuno Samurai fastpitch catchers gear has a helmet that does just that. There is a reinforced steel facemask, covered with a protective layer for durability. The hard shell helmet has ample ventilation for player comfort, plus has a ponytail slot in the harness, especially for female catchers.

Samurai Fastpitch Chest Protector

The Mizuno Samurai fastpitch catchers gear lends female backstops the confidence and poise to fearlessly guard the dish. The Samurai gender engineered chest protector provides an important part of that protection. Samurai women's chest protectors also deploy famous DryLite® technology. A double connective buckle keeps the protector protector snug as well.

Samurai Fastpitch Shin Guards

Shin guards are the final piece of a catcher's protective gear, and they are as critical as the rest. While the chance of injury is not as serious, lower leg and knee protection is critical. In fastpitch softball, many of the pitches travel below the catcher's kneecap. For this reason, Mizuno Samurai women's shin guards use a grip liner technology to keep the guards in front where they belong. The padding extends around, covering the inside of the catcher's leg with a hard shell guard for maximum protection. Mizuno adds the finishing touch with stainless steel buckles for durability. Mizuno manufactures some of the most popular gear for all types of sports. Fastpitch softball players find all the pieces of Mizuno protective catcher's gear comfortable and high quality. For the fastpitch catcher, the Mizuno Samurai fastpitch catchers gear is a quality product they can wear with confidence.

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