Mens Slowpitch Softball Bats:

Mens Slowpitch Softball Bats are the new wave. The bat specially designed for the male softball player maximizes the distances it can reach on each batted ball. Many different companies supply different types of mens softball bats that are synonymous with performance, power, and prestige. And they usually weigh between 24 and 30 ounces. Materials like aluminum, composite, half and half, and even wood can be used to construct a slowpitch softball bat used in competitive play. Therefore, bat certifications to look out when you're shopping for one are ASA, ISA, NSA, Senior Softball, and USSSA. An examples of a premier Mens Slowpitch Softball Bat includes the 2017 Louisville Slugger Hyper Z End Loaded Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat.  

2017 Louisville Slugger Hyper Z End Loaded 12.00 Inch Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat:

The 2017 Louisville Slugger Hyper Z End Loaded Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat is for those players who want an unmatched feel to lend them positive end results at the plate. It has a three piece, 100% recoil composite construction. It also provides fantastic flex and immensely consistent performance. Along the barrel, a friction blast finish creates more backspin to the replenish its diminished by design acceleration with an uptick in power as well. In addition, this bat features:
  • Approved For Play In SSUSA (1.21 BPF)
  • Ron Parnell Signature Softball Bat
  • Three Piece, Composite Softball Bat
  • TRU3 Connection Helps Reduce Vibration & Provides An Unreal Feeling On Contact
  • 100% Spring Recoil Design Improves Durability
  • Friction Blast Barrel Finish Enhances Ball Flight
  • 7/8 Inch Tapered Handle
A BPF 1.21 certification means this bat is approved for and then permitted use in your men's softball league play. Moreover, men's softball legend Ron Parnell has used this bat as his signature bat during games. So rest assured, the bat has both corporate and personal stamp of approval!  

Closing Thoughts:

In Mens softball leagues, a bat can take your game to new plateaus. So make sure you purchase the right one for you. If there's a brand you trusted in the past, then chances are you'll be able to trust them again to supply you with the power you're looking to tap into. Or if you're open to change, and haven't experimented with Louisville before, now's your chance to invest in the above listed bat.

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