Carlos Correa Glove: Wilson A2000 1785

The Wilson A2000 1785 glove is the Carlos Correa glove model and is one of the best options for players looking to improve their infield play. Everyone wishes they can be like their favorite pros or just a pro in general. With this glove, players everywhere get to do this. You will try to play like your favorite player, and that is okay, everyone needs someone to look up to and try to be like. This will help young players dream and aspire to be like their role models. So, purchasing the Carlos Correa glove could potentially help your game, not even because of the glove's features. This brings us to the point of the glove's great features and abilities to help you perform better on the field. This glove comes with some of the great features that helps you be comfortable, catch everything, and keep your glove for a long time. This is because of the excellent leather, welting, and shape of the Wilson A2000. The Wilson A2000 series is one of the best and this glove is even better. This is because of the addition of Wilson's SuperSkin leather that is extremely lightweight. This is great because infielders need to be able to have quick hands. Also, this material is twice as tough as regular leather, so you'll be sure to have it for years. Everything about this glove lets it be a top of the line glove. The Carlos Correa glove should be a serious contender for your next glove as you try to improve your glove and be at an elite level.

Pro Stock Leather

The Carlos Correa model also uses Wilson's iconic Pro Stock leather. This leather is extremely great at keeping the shape of your glove. It may take a little longer to break in. But, when it does it will be perfect for your hand and personalizes the glove. So, come get this great glove at Baseball Bargains today!

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