Best Marucci Wood Bat:

The Best Marucci Wood Bat is up to their most devoted customers. But that doesn't stop from the Internet from convening together to determine their vote. With a simple Google hit, search engine optimization will often point to a bat like the Marucci AP5 Pro Model Wood Adult Baseball Bat Black / Natural as the cream of the crop. The absolute best in store at Marucci. So what exactly does the AP5 stand for? Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim DH / 1B and former St. Louis Cardinals great Albert Pujols, that's who. The Future hall of famer has long used Marucci as his bat of choice. And many know that Marucci, unlike other companies, has the athletes who would be their quote unquote sponsors, actually serve as members of the Advisory Board at the company that oversee and offer input on the manufacturing process.

Marucci AP5 Pro Model Wood Adult Baseball Bat Black/Natural:

The Marucci AP5 Pro Model Wood Adult Baseball Bat Black / Natural uses top of the line maple to construct its bat. With additional end weight, the bat can cover the plate with some of the best bats on the market. Additionally, its tapered handle and moderate to large barrel lend total control too. So whether you're a one hand swinger or two hander, you will feel the balance at the dish. And the tapering also The AP5 also features a high level of wood density. It is engineered for hitters who are looking for balance and power in their swing.
  • Same model, cut and finish as game model used by Albert Pujols
  • Hand crafted and bone rubbed
  • Premium pro quality rubbed
  • Premium pro quality maple
  • 29/32'' handle
  • Cupped end for balanced swing weight
  • Black Handle with Natural Barrel
  • Wood Bats do not have a warranty against breakage
  This bat is just one example of a performance plus bat that can qualify as Marucci's absolute best. So end your search today and focus in on the Marucci catalog to pick yours. It could very wlel be the AP5, or it can be another bat entirely. Since you won't know until you see for yourself, then it's time to stop stalling! Buy yours today before someone else does.

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