Softball Gloves: What to Know Before You Pick

Softball Gloves: What to Know Before You Pick

Softball Gloves - Picking the Winner

Picking a glove is a very tough decision in both softball and baseball. They require different features, but it is a very similar process when it comes down to the final decision. Softball gloves come in many options from company, style, feel, and purpose. Some companies that make softball gloves are Nokona, Wilson, and All-Star. There are a lot more companies, but these are the three most common companies I have seen. Each company brings something else to the table and offer different features. But, when picking a glove you have to figure out what company fits you best, the price you are willing to pay for a glove, and what you think the longevity of the glove will be.


A company like Nokona offers some of the best built softball gloves. Nokona has emerged as a great glove in the softball world. Nokona is an American-based company that builds gloves to last with a wide pocket. The wide pocket allows the players to make all the plays necessary in softball. The glove gives all players an advantage as it is very light weight making it easy to have full control. At a price of $350, it is a little expensive but still worth it for any serious softball player. Wilson gloves are always going to be reliable. Wilson makes  both A2000 softball gloves as well as baseball gloves. They build and welt them very similarly, and make them tough. They build them to last and uses and soft interior for a comfortable feel when playing. Also, the soft feel on the hand allows for a quicker close and gives the player more control. This glove is intended for the serious player and serious players do use them. The A2000 is always a great option for any style glove. Lastly, All-Star gloves are another great option for your glove. All-Star is a very reliable company and make some of the best gloves out there. Their softball line is no exception to this. All-Star builds these gloves to last a lifetime and creates a great feel when making a play. These gloves use an H-Web design which is different from most gloves. This allows the glove to be able to last longer and provide a better close. The H-Web has closed webbing so the ball will be held in. Overall, All-Star has proven to make great gloves and many pros trust the brand.


As always, you need to decide some sort of price point before you try on gloves. You need to decide how much a glove is worth to you before you buy. Gloves can be very expensive, but you can also find some great gloves for cheap, especially on our website. They can reach up to $350, and yes it might it comes with the trusted company, but many other great companies make gloves for a lot cheaper. Gloves are temporary and eventually you will have to find another one. But, by all means if you feel you would really get the most out of the most expensive glove, then go for it. They are expensive for a reason. Don't be afraid to buy the expensive gloves if you know it will help your game.      

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