Fastpitch Catchers Mitt: Comparison of two popular models

It’s okay to admit it, softball catchers when choosing a mitt for your next season, style is a big deciding factor. This is after all the mitt you will be catching many, many games with behind the plate.  You will use it on an almost daily basis. The Baseball Bargains company understands this, and makes an effort to offer some of the game’s most stylish and unique looking catcher’s mitts. On our site you will find fun, colorful models like the Mizuno MVP Prime SE GXS50PSE5 34 in Fastpitch Catchers Mitt. You will also find sharp, more traditional looking gloves like the Allstar Vela Pro Fastpitch CMW3000 33.5 in Catcher Mitt. Both are from great softball equipment companies and are loaded with features that will make the game easier for you. The deciding factor in choosing between two mitts like these will likely be your taste in style.

Mizuno MVP Prime SE GXS50PSE5

fastpitch catchers mitt If you like to flash a little color when calling games, the Mizuno MVP Prime SE GXS50PSE5 34 in Fastpitch Catchers Mitt is perfect for you. The mitt is available for order in several different color combinations. This makes it easy for catchers to match their glove colors to their team’s colors. This glove not only stands out for its looks, but for its Parashock Plus Pad protection. This guards the bottom part of the hand, the palm and index finger. The mitt also comes with a higher closing speed and higher security level in its pocket. This is a result of the Precision Powerlock pressure points. Inside the model is SureFit foam, which gives catchers a high hand comfort level. The mitt comes in a size of 34 inches, providing players with lots of glove space to work with when taking in pitches and throws.

Allstar Vela Pro Fastpitch CMW3000

fastpitch catchers mitt The Allstar Vela Pro Fastpitch CMW3000 33.5 in Fastpitch Catchers Mitt is a more familiar looking mitt, that still manages to “wow” out on the field. It is made from top of the line material, made out of maruhashi leather. This leather gives players a great combination of softness and firmness. It also allows players to break the mitt in quickly. The glove is tough. It feels strong and rugged right out of the box. It also provides pro guard padding, that protects the hand from the hard throws and foul balls. Not to be forgotten is the mitt’s highly secure pocket. It will prove valuable during the game’s biggest moments out on the field. These mitts both cost between $100-$150, with the Allstar model a bit more expensive in this case. Both have a lot to offer feature wise, and can make a big difference in a catcher’s game during their next season. Whether you decide to go with a colorful or traditional look behind the plate this season, Baseball Bargains will have you looking and feeling great. Mizuno MVP Prime SE GXS50PSE5 34 in Fastpitch Catchers Mitt link: Allstar Vela Pro Fastpitch CMW3000 33.5 in Catcher Mitt link:

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