Demarini Bustos Fastpitch Softball Bat DXBFP vs. Rawlings Storm FP7S13 Fastpitch Softball Bat Demarini Bustos Fastpitch Softball Bat vs. Rawlings Storm Fastpitch Softball Bat Demarini Bustos Fastpitch Softball Bat vs. Rawlings Storm Fastpitch Softball Bat

Demarini Bustos Fastpitch Softball Bat

Demarini is a company that really cares about fastpitch hitters. This company designs bats built to meet very specific player needs. That is why some of the top college softball programs choose Demarini bats for their teams. If you are a fastpitch hitter serious about the game of softball, choosing one of Demarini’s fantastic player bats is definitely the way to go. This particular Demarini Bustos Fastpitch Bat DXBFP-17 (-13) model is a real winning product, and could be a bat that helps you excel on the field for many years to come. Here is what makes this such a fantastic product. With the Demarini Bustos Fastpitch Bat DXBFP-17 (-13) you get one of the strongest built bats around. The bat comes made out of high quality DX1 Alloy material. This material has a very high KSI strength alloy, which comes built to help hitters give a maximum performance level at the plate. The alloy in this bat will not break down on hitters, and could last them many seasons to come. And the strength of this bat helps hitters make an increased level of contact at the plate, and drive balls further than ever before. This bat has a terrific Half and Half design. It is great for just about any fastpitch softball league you play in. Demarini has proven itself to be a trustworthy fastpitch softball equipment provider. Which is why their equipment is used on some of the biggest faspitch softball stages in America. Demarini is so committed to satisfying their customers, that they have attached a one-year warranty to their product. If for some reason something goes wrong with your new bat, Demarini has got your back. This bat is available to order in four different sizes, also with lengths ranging from 29 to 32 inches.

Rawlings Storm Fastpitch Softball Bat

When you step into the batter’s box, depending on the situation their can be tons of pressure. With pitchers throwing at faster speeds than ever, a hitter needs a tool that will allow them to catch up. The Rawlings Storm FP7S13 Fastpitch Softball Bat (-13) is exactly that. Rawlings Storm FP7S13 fast pitch bat is a great fit for the up and coming fast pitch softball player. The Rawlings Storm is a hyper lite, ultra lite bate that will help you have an increased swing speed. With a faster swing, you will be able to supply a lot more power on contact. The FP7S13 features the X-tended sweet spot that is made to give you a large sweet spot that will make for extra power and pop when you step up to the plate. The Rawlings storm also features a neon green bat grip that doesn’t only look cool but also provides a comfortable and sticky grip. This fast pitch softball bat has also been approved for play by the USSSA, ASA, NSA, USA, ISF and all other associations using 98 MPH w/ ABI. The bat has a minus thirteen weight to length ratio and is available in 28 inches/15oz., 29 inches/16oz., 30 inches/17oz., 31 inches/18oz. and 32 inches/19oz. With a wide variety of sizes, this bat is sure to come in the combination that you need at the plate. This Storm bat is quite the color storm. The bat comes with a purple barrel that features both neon green and white detailing. Since 1887, Rawlings has been one of the biggest brands in the game. From baseball to softball, Rawlings will give you what you need to become a game changer.

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