Easton Z5 vs. All Star System 7  Two Tone Batting Helmets – BH3500TT

At Baseball Bargains we sell amazing Two Tone Batting Helmets for all players and for all different types of baseball and softball settings. Don’t believe us? Well check out two of the great models sold through Baseball Bargains. - The Easton Z5 Junior Fastpitch  Two Tone Batting Helmets - A168088. And, the All Star – System 7 Sized Two Tone Batting Helmets –BH3500TT. Two Tone Batting HelmetsTwo Tone Batting Helmets    

Easton Z5 Two Tone Junior Fastpitch Batting Helmet - A168088

Fastpitch hitters will be immediately drawn to the Easton Z5 Two Tone Junior Fastpitch Batting Helmet A168088. It comes made with an ABS plastic exterior. It is built to keep hitters ultra safe during at bats. Dual Density Foam on the interior of the helmet and wrapped ears provides even further skull protection for softball batters. Comfort is also a high priority with this model as shown by the item’s Bio Dri Liner. The liner helps limit in helmet sweat that a batter normally experiences, keeping them cool and feeling great throughout the game.

All Star – System 7 Sized Two Tone Batting Helmet - BH3500TT

The BH3500TT also has several impressive features, that baseball batters will appreciate it. Firm foam against the shell of the helmet absorbs the brunt of any impact. Meanwhile inside the helmet, softer fitting foam conforms to the player’s head. Thanks to the foam pattern and shell vents in this model, air is constantly flowing in and out. This allows hitters to maintain their comfort in the batter’s box. The helmet’s Ultracool moisture wicking cloth and mesh fabric limits the buildup of head sweat inside the product. The shell design deflects balls away from critical areas such as the temple. In addition,  submerged  ports and corrugations add to the shell’s overall strength. These helmets both have great looks too. The Easton softball model has a mostly white design.  It adds a secondary color of your choice mixed in along the brim and top of the helmet. The AllStar baseball model offers a more colorful look, with the color of your choice dominating the helmet. It highlights the main color with silver inserts.  These helmets are designed for different sports. They  are also  made by different companies. However, they offer many of the same amazing benefits. The exterior shells and foam interiors in these helmets both offer maximum head protection for hitters. At the same time, they feel super comfortable on the hitter's head. Sweat reduction technology is also a major selling point for both models, and a feature that will not go unappreciated. Helmets of this quality can usually become a drain on the team budget. But, Baseball Bargains offers both models at reduced prices. Both currently sit at under $50 on our website, making them great values. The softball model is a bit more expensive. However, it comes with a facemask. Whether you play the game of baseball or softball, Baseball Bargains always has the perfect item for your needs. Easton Z5 Two Tone Junior Fastpitch Batting Helmet A168088 link: https://www.baseballbargains.com/shop/easton-z5-two-tone-fastpitch-batting-helmet-a168088/ All Star – System 7 Sized Two Tone Batting Helmet – BH3500TT link: https://www.baseballbargains.com/shop/all-star-system-7-sized-two-tone-batting-helmet-bh3500tt/

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