Wilson A2000

Wilson has become one of the strongest baseball companies in the market today and they have been there forever. A major reason for this is their A2000 series. These gloves are extremely high quality and come at an affordable price for their great quality. This combination of quality and affordability is the key factor that drives Wilson A2000 Gloves to consistently be one of the most popular options for elite players and pros. Wilson does an excellent job at putting themselves ahead of their competition. Their formula for continued success comes from the amount of work that they put in to manufacturing each glove. So, why exactly do Wilson A2000 Gloves continue to flourish? The beginning of the iconic line came in 1957 when it first released. From then Wilson has been able to make improvements on the series. So, they consistently deliver a better and better product every year. Also, the series is in all different categories as it's models take over every position in baseball. The series has catcher's gloves, first baseman gloves, middle infield gloves, infield gloves, outfielders gloves, and even pitchers gloves. Since, there are gloves in every category possible, the series is dynamic and vast making it an optimal choice for all looking for a quality mitt. The leather of the glove is essentially what makes it so special. Considering all gloves use some sort of leather, what makes some gloves different than others? The type of leather that each separate glove uses is what makes them different. All Wilson A2000 Gloves come with only the finest Pro Stock Leather from Wilson.

Wilson A2000 Features that make it great

This Pro Stock leather proves to be durable, as players around the world use their gloves for multiple seasons without the glove becoming too worn out for further use. The durability of a glove is normally what sets a glove apart from the crowd and makes a quality glove. With Wilson's A2000 series this leather is standard making all of the gloves in the series high quality. Durability could be a deciding factor in a customer's purchase and one can simply not go wrong with the A2000 series. Other features that make Wilson A2000 Gloves fantastic are their dual welting and its great fit. Wilson's patented dual welting places two strips of leather along each finger to ensure a perfect fit and ideal pocket. It does this by adding more surface area to the leather in order to be molded more cautiously to the player's hand and form a better pocket. This creates a fit that is unique to each player's hand and provides extreme comfort. This extreme comfort is great because it helps players play to their highest capacity. This is because when players are comfortable they are more loose and willing to do whatever it is to make that great play. Just think of anything in general, when people are more comfortable they let everything go and often are better at whatever it is they may be doing. All A200's break in easy by just having catches. By doing this, the gloves form to your hand better and creates a perfect pocket to catch anything that comes your way. By buying a Wilson A2000 you are buying a legacy with a great name. And the reason for that great name is the outstanding products that Wilson produces year after year.  

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