Baseball Gloves: The Life and Death Choice

Baseball Gloves: The Life and Death Choice

Baseball Gloves

There are two things you notice when your start a baseball game. Who are the best players and who has the best glove. Everybody wants the best and most expensive glove on the market, but the truth is there are so many great gloves for such great prices. Making a decision of purchasing a baseball glove is nearly impossible. Baseball gloves vary so much, so what exactly is right for you. You also need to take many factors into account. What position do you play? Gloves are specifically tailored to different positions, so it is important to figure out if the glove is used for your position. Also, what company do you feel fits you? Ask any baseball player, they all have one specific company that they feel is the best. The most popular glove companies include Wilson, Rawlings, and Mizuno. These four companies have been very successful and have continue to prove themselves on the diamond.


Wilson gloves are as good as they come. Their baseball gloves come in a wide-variety of colors from eccentric to bland. They also offer many lines of products on the basis of price. To start, the famous A2000. The A2000 shows us what a great glove is. This glove uses premium leather that molds stiffly to your hand, creating a perfect fit after a couple of wears and some oil. The A2000 is a light weight glove and welts it for durability. I personally used A2000's with two fingers in the pinky slot, just to get a better close of the glove. A2000 catcher's gloves are great as well. There is more about them on our catcher's glove blog. A2K is also a top notch glove line. Primarily built for infielders, this glove also gives a great molded feel and is made out of premium leather. They sort the A2k three times thicker and uses a tighter grain leather, this just means it will take you longer to break in the glove and have it mold to your hand. Don't let this shy you away from the glove. It is, in my opinion, one of the top three gloves on the market. Both the A2000 and the A2k offer catchers gloves and the A2k catcher's glove is a great choice for all dedicated catcher's.


Rawling's gloves are some of the best as well. They offer a number of glove lines, including Pro Preferred, Heart of the Hide, and Gold Glove. These three lines offer gloves in the category of Pitching, infield, outfield, first base, and catching. Rawlings has been at the top for a while when it comes to the best gloves. The Pro Preferred glove is the highest quality and the most expensive. Pro Preferred uses of the best leather, and flares out more. Heart of the Hide is second on the list and uses another great leather, and is a little bit softer on your hand. If you like playing comfortable, this is a great glove for you. Lastly, the Gold Glove. Gold Glove is the base set of gloves for Rawlings but still accounts for a lot of sales because of how good the glove is for how low of a price it is.


Mizuno gloves can be some of the most expensive gloves on the market, but rightfully so. They has been in existence since 1913 and have created an empire of baseball gloves. Their gloves are built for all positions which is important if you like the brand and play different positions. Mizuno gloves give you a great feel as you are playing. The inside of the glove is very soft but it still does mold to your hand well. It isn't as stiff as a Wilson, so if that fits you, Mizuno may be right. The Pro Limited series is the best line. These gloves offers a great leather and the materials limit the number of them. And, in this situation, if you pay for the best you will get the best. They are at the peak of gloves on the market. Also, they don't take that long to break in so you will be playing in your glove right away.

The Right Fit

At the end of the day, you have to throw brand name out the door and find the glove that fits you best. Everybody is different, so don't let somebody tell you Wilson is the only option, or Mizuno is the best because they have the most expensive glove. It really comes down to your opinion and what feel you like to have with the glove. Take in others opinions so you can find out which will probably fit you best, but do your own research and find out what glove is best for you. And if you don't love it, as long as it can field a grounder and a catch a fly ball, it's a pretty good glove.

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