Big Barrel Bats

Big Barrel Bats are perfect for all young players who aren't ready for a -3 bat. These bats have the size of BBCOR bats but it does not have the weight. Once you get on to the 75 foot bases or even some 90 foot base fields, you will need a better bat to hit the ball further. The fences are further and the infield is bigger, so you need to be able to have a bat that can get you over the hump. They are able to make these bats lighter because the inside of the barrel is lighter. Because the barrel of this bat is more hollow, the ball is able top fly off these bats. When the ball makes contact, the energy inside the bat bounces around then explodes on the ball. Due to how much power high schoolers got on the ball, they changed to BBCOR. The market is flooded with big barrel bats right now. Many players are in youth senior leagues and are trying to get the best bats possible. What is great about all these bats if you are a player is the competition between companies. Due to the competition of companies trying to make money, they strive to make the best bats and the least expensive bats. There are plenty of expensive bats on the market today, but the prices could be a lot higher if there wasn't the competition we have today. Also, the concepts for these bats may have never been brought out if there was no competition.

Louisville Slugger Prime 917

The Louisville Slugger Prime 917 big barrel bat is one of the premier big barrel bats on the market today. The prime 917 has so many great features to it, it is hard to believe that this bat is legal. It is a two-piece composite design and has serious pop. With the large barrel, when you find the sweet spot on this bat, the ball flies all over the field. This bat has power not many bats have been able to capture. It allows hitters to adjust to the bigger fields they are playing on and hit the ball further than they were on the smaller fields. One great addition to the bat is the lizard skin bat tape. Louisville Slugger owns lizard skin and puts their tape on all their bats. It gives players the perfect grip for a near perfect bat.

Easton Mako Beast

The Easton Mako Beast is one of the best lines of bats available. The Mako line has continuously gave hitters hits they wouldn't be able to get with other bats. The Mako Beast has one of the longest barrels on the market today. There is a normal handle that is the usual size. And, then the middle of the bat is very small, with the barrel making up for most of the top. This causes the bat to have great balance as the barrel is more hollow than the rest of the bat. And, a lot of the weight is in the handle.

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